XYZ GmbH, Schwäbisch Gmünd / Automotive Supplier

Mandat 25. 2010-2011


XYZ GmbH, Schwäbisch Gmünd / Automotive Supplier


Taking over the position of CEO (after dismissal of the old CEO) within the period of 21 days before expiration of the legal deadline to declare insolvency.


Circumventing insolvency and selling the company to an Investor.


Negotiations with the partly diverging groups of interests (banks, owners, work council, trade unions, customers, suppliers, politicians, and the prospective candidates for the take over of the company) and achievement of an agreement between all these parties for the take over of the company. Operations externally: Creating of additional and sufficient liquidity for the prevention of the insolvency. Operations internally: Lasting turnover increase by acquisition of additional orders.