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XYZ GmbH, Ulm, Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona / IT-service provider and software house

Assignment 31. 2019 Company XYZ GmbH, Ulm, Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona / IT-service provider and software house / SAP consulting, NNN1 (own software), NNN2 (own software), NNN3 (own software), hosting, development of b2b individual software Position CEO /CRO Situation The company had made losses of about 10% of sales p.a.; equity was practically zero at the […]

XYZ GmbH, Germany, Aircraft construction

Assignment 29. 2017 Company XYZ GmbH, Aircraft construction Position Consultant to the Shareholders Task A development project for a new aircraft required an analysis because the budget and deadlines had not been met by the old management.

Beyond Refinance AG, Bottighofen / service and investment company

Assignment 28. 2015-2016 Company Beyond Refinance AG, Bottighofen / service and investment companyPositionMember of the Board of DirectorsSituationFrequent inquiries from investors for investment opportunities in turnarounds Task Establishment together with the incoming shareholders, acquisition of participation mandates and due diligence of the candidates. Implementation Since it is a group of private investors who value discretion, no […]

F. P. GmbH & Co. KG, Gelsenkirchen / Commodities

Assignment 27. 2012-2014 Company F. P. GmbH & Co. KG, Gelsenkirchen / Commodities Position CEO / CRO Situation The company had accumulated losses of about 30 million € within the last 5 years at a turnover of 90 million €; own capital was exhausted. Task Going Concern and sale of the companyImplementation Turnaround: In 2013 the company […]

A & B GmbH & Co. KG, Lower Saxony / Pharmaceuticals

Assignment 26. 2011 Company A & B GmbH & Co. KG, Lower Saxony / Pharmaceuticals Position Plenipotentiary Assignment Reorganising the relationship between the 7 family members owning the company, who had been on court for almost 20 years, splitted into two litigants, each one trying to get the company under control. Implementation Termination of all lawsuits […]

XYZ GmbH, Schwäbisch Gmünd / Automotive Supplier

Mandat 25. 2010-2011 Company XYZ GmbH, Schwäbisch Gmünd / Automotive Supplier Position Taking over the position of CEO (after dismissal of the old CEO) within the period of 21 days before expiration of the legal deadline to declare insolvency. Assignment Circumventing insolvency and selling the company to an Investor. Implementation Negotiations with the partly diverging groups […]

XYZ GmbH, Mechernich / OEM Mechatronic Components

Assignment 24. 2010 Company XYZ GmbH, Mechernich / OEM Mechatronic Components Position Investor Assignment Taking company shares and aiding the main investor with the restructuring process.ImplementationA VC-society had offered to sell the enterprise because of the bad economic development in the year 2009. This offer was accepted, and the enterprise was taken over.

XYZ S.A. / Machine Building Industry / France, Spain

Assignment 23. 2009 Company XYZ S.A. / Machine Building Industry / France, Spain Position Deputy Managing Director Assignment Integration of the french daughter company of a german mother company into the german restructuring process. Implementation The german mother company was within a restructuring process. The french daughter company, which was the strongest one within the group […]

XYZ GmbH / Manufacturer and vendor of healthcare products

Assignment 22. 2007-2009 Company XYZ GmbH / Manufacturer and vendor of healthcare products Position CEO (General Manager, Division Head, create a new division, hired by parent company) Assignment Restructure the division. Head global business strategy and policy (for 40 countries). Product development, manufacturing (multiple plants), sourcing, purchasing, and distribution logistics. Initiate new strategic alliances, manage existing […]